The star of the show

When you're hungry for something tasty and different, make your way t 216 Yale Blvd SE, 2 blocks ffrom Central and right after The Outpost

Our Latin Thing

A little taste of the Caribbean and South America

The Sweet Stuff

Always leave room for sweetness!!  There’s absolutely nothing better than closing your meal with one of our distinctive house-made desserts.  Of course, you can always take them to go if you don’t have any more room!!!!

Flan de Coco 

Our sweet and beach-evoquing coconut flan will want to make you run for the nearest palm-tree-lined beach!

Flan de Queso

A rich concoction of flan and soft cheese, smooth and heavenly.

Tres Leches

A local favorite among our customers, a delicious sponge cake basking in a sweet mixture of three types of cream and milk.

Pastelillo de Guayaba y Queso

Our traditional Caribbean turnover filled with Guava Paste and smooth cream cheese, an authentic island experience.